Tastvin Range

Tastvin, the French wine cabinet manufacturer presents its new models, from over 20 years of experience.

The use of highly efficient and environmentally friendly materials, the precise temperature regulation, the manufacturing methods using digital technology, combined with the expertise of artisans make Tastvin a recognized expert amongst wine professionals. 

In Tastvin, we care for the quality of wine, which the winemaker creates using a lot of effort, skill and passion. From the time he takes care of the vines, the selection of grapes, the winemaking and finally until bottling.

In Tastvin we create cabinets where the oenophile will store the precious bottles safely until maturity. We design and manufacture cabinets where the temperature, humidity, darkness, ventilation, absence of vibration have to co-exist for wine to mature to perfection. It is rare to find all these conditions naturally.




Aluminium cooling panel seoarated from the chest




Ageing and Multi-temperature Cabinets

The wine cabinets come in 3 main sizes. All dimensions are in cm HxWxD

Models 142: 125 x 60 x 168

Models 186: 158 x 60 x 168

Models 220:  181 x 60 x 68

Models designated as S indicate Service cabinets and these have 2 temperature settings, the lowest and highest and there is a gradual increase of temperature inside the cabinet from the lower shelf to the top shelf.

Models designated as V indicate single cabinets for ageing.

Click here to download the complete TASTVIN catalogue.  

T142S4C300 T142S6C300 T142S8300 T186S5C300 T186S11300 T220S6C300  T220S14300
 Model T142S4  Model T142S6  Model T142S8  Model T186S5 Model T186S11  Model T220S6  Model T220S14